When you are raising funds for Alzheimer Scotland there are some things you need to remember in order to stay safe and legal, and to ensure you are following best practice in fundraising.

Street collections
If you wish to hold a street collection please contact us as charities can only benefit from a certain number of collections per year in each local authority area.

Raffles and lotteries
If you are holding a raffle over one day using simple raffle tickets, you don't need to do anything further.

If you are holding a raffle over multiple days, please contact us in advance for a template raffle ticket, as there are certain regulations to adhere to.

If you wish to hold any other form of lottery please get in touch with your local Community Fundraiser to discuss.

Food and drink
There are many regulations governing the use of food and even if you are only providing food on a one-off basis you must still comply with these.

We recommend that you contact your local authority before your event to discuss with them what you plan to do.

Every person involved in the preparation and serving of food to the public must have a basic understanding of food hygiene.

If you plan to sell alcohol, you need to have a liquor licence. If your venue is licensed, this may cover your event but you should confirm this well in advance with them. Otherwise you should contact your local authority's licensing department for advice.

If you are planning to have some form of entertainment (i.e. two or more people performing or dancing) in a building, which does not already hold a Public Entertainments Licence, you need to get one. This licence is provided by your local authority.

If in doubt
If in doubt about the legal implications of your planned fundraising, please do contact the Fundraising Team on 0131 243 1453/[email protected] and we will be able to advise you.

Always think about safety, both yours and others. Raising funds is very important but never worth taking risks or cause distress to other people.

Thank you and good luck with your fundraising!

How your money helps

  • Our Freephone Dementia Helpline takes over 5,000 calls annually, providing information and emotional support to anyone who needs help. £15 will pay for us to send an information pack to a Helpline caller.

  • Our mobile information vehicles enable us to raise awareness of dementia and bring information on the condition and the support available to local communities. £25 pay for us to operate one of our mobile information vehicles for one day.

  • £100 will help us to continue our vital medical and social research into the causes of dementia, its early detection, and how it could be treated in the future.

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