The first step in planning your fundraising event is to decide what sort of event you’d like to do.

-    What sort of event do you want to hold?  Something small in your own home, a bigger event in a local community setting or something really big in a large venue? 

-    Do you want to do the event alone, with the help of others, or get lots of participants involved?

-    How much money do you hope to raise? Deciding on a fundraising target at the outset can be a helpful in deciding how much money is available to pay for the costs of the event.  Your target should be realistic - try to estimate how many people will take part and how much each will contribute.


Once you have a clear idea of the event you’d like to do and how much you think it will raise, you can move on to planning the event.  Planning in advance is the key to holding a successful event and will save time and stress on the day itself!

Tell us about your event

We love hearing from our supporters about their events. Send us your stories and photos to [email protected]


How your money helps

  • Our Freephone Dementia Helpline takes over 5,000 calls annually, providing information and emotional support to anyone who needs help. £15 will pay for us to send an information pack to a Helpline caller.

  • Our mobile information vehicles enable us to raise awareness of dementia and bring information on the condition and the support available to local communities. £25 pay for us to operate one of our mobile information vehicles for one day.

  • £100 will help us to continue our vital medical and social research into the causes of dementia, its early detection, and how it could be treated in the future.

Need Help?

Having problems? Get in touch by telephone on 0131 243 1453 or by email to [email protected]