Foodie fundraisers

Whatever the season, people always love getting together with friends and family to enjoy good food and company.

Come Dine With Us

Spend a week raising money while enjoying fine food by hosting your own 'Come dine with me' experience. Organise some after dinner games or a quiz to encourage donations. Click here to create your own posters to sign guests up.

Care for a curry

Curry is one of the most popular meals and great for sharing.  You could host friends at your home, take over your work canteen or ask a local restaurant to provide a buffet and sell tickets.  Click here to create leaflets to spread the word.

007 Cocktail Evening

Suit up for a night of glitter and good company with a Bond themed drinks party. Make sure no one misses out by sharing your customised posters on notice boards and on your social media pages - click here to create your own.

If you are selling food you may need a license.  For more information visit our 8 step plan for holding a perfectly planned event.

Create your own

Got a great fundraising idea?

Why not make your own personalised promotional materials. 

I want to create my own

How your money helps

  • Our Freephone Dementia Helpline takes over 5,000 calls annually, providing information and emotional support to anyone who needs help. £15 will pay for us to send an information pack to a Helpline caller.

  • Our mobile information vehicles enable us to raise awareness of dementia and bring information on the condition and the support available to local communities. £25 pay for us to operate one of our mobile information vehicles for one day.

  • £100 will help us to continue our vital medical and social research into the causes of dementia, its early detection, and how it could be treated in the future.