6 simply fun ideas

Fundraising can be simple and a great way to get together with friends and family. If you're in need of inspiration have a look below at our 6 top ideas for getting started.

Scottish Night

Jig the night away and host your own Scottish night with all the trimmings. Haggis, Irn Bru and a whole lot of tartan will set the scene for guests. Posters will finish this event off nicely and we have a great selection to suit you, take a look here at our 'make your own' section for more info.

Office Olympics 

Test the sporty side of your work mates and charge a fee to enter activities such as the paper toss and mouse mat frisbee. Or if the weather is nice, what about an outdoor fundraising football match? A great selection of sporty posters can be found here on our 'make your own' page



Quizzes are very popular ways to have fun, raise money, and learn a few fascinating facts along the way. You could recruit colleagues and hold your quiz in your office at lunchtime or after work, or your local pub might have a space available.  You could have a quiz like movies or sports, and you could add a few fun games to give everyone the chance to win a small prize!  Sign up teams by creating your own posters and leaflets here.



Either at home or at work, bingo is a game everyone can play. For a small donation people can play along for prizes and know that they have helped a worthwhile cause. If bingo isn't your cup of tea then how about a quiz night? We have related poster ideas for this event in our 'make your own' section. Take a look here.


Take a Hike

Fundraise while having fun with a sponsored walk or stroll with friends and family. Lace up your boots and get ready to do your bit. Stick up posters and flyers in your area to let people know what you're getting up to. Click here for a look.


Karaoke Night 

Sing and dance the night away and fundraise too by hosting a Karaoke night for everyone to enjoy. All you need is a karaoke machine and a few willing singers. Posters will make sure you have a packed audience, have a look here


Create your own

Got a great fundraising idea?

Why not make your own personalised promotional materials. 

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How your money helps

  • Our Freephone Dementia Helpline takes over 5,000 calls annually, providing information and emotional support to anyone who needs help. £15 will pay for us to send an information pack to a Helpline caller.

  • Our mobile information vehicles enable us to raise awareness of dementia and bring information on the condition and the support available to local communities. £25 pay for us to operate one of our mobile information vehicles for one day.

  • £100 will help us to continue our vital medical and social research into the causes of dementia, its early detection, and how it could be treated in the future.