Song and dance

Talent Show 

We know Scotland’s got talent – show it off with a talent show!  This is the perfect fundraiser for schools, college or workplaces and a great way to see a different side to your colleagues, teachers and friends.  You could hold your talent show at lunchtime, at the end of the day or in the evening with food included.  Decide the winner with a homemade clapometer or recruit some fearsome judges to entertain the audience – but remember it’s all for fun!  Charge for entry, hold a raffle and sell some home baking and watch the funds roll in.  Download posters here for the hottest ticket in town!

Tea Dance 

Evoke a more glamorous age with a vintage-themed tea dance.  Those who remember the golden age of the dancehall will enjoy showing off their moves; and why not start with a dance lesson to show younger ones how it’s done?  With the right decorations and music you can turn your local church or social club hall into a nostalgic trip down memory lane.  Sell tickets and refreshments, and add in some raffle prizes, and waltz your way to your fundraising target.  Download posters here to get everyone in the mood for a turn on the floor. 

Karaoke Night 

Get your guests to provide the entertainment by hiring a karaoke machine.  Or why not recruit a band and have ‘bandeoke’ – nothing beats live music!  Sell tickets to your guests and get them to pay for each song they request.  If you’re feeling cruel you could even allow your guests to pay to get someone off the stage!  Get your local pub to host your night and ask them to donate a percentage of the takings.  If you include food, you can charge even more!  You can customise your own posters by visiting

If you are holding a public event you may need a license. For more information visit our 8 step plan for holding a perfectly planned event.

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