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Below we have a selection of A4 and A5 posters to help you promote your fundraising quiz. If you don't fancy printing them out you can always share it online instead – the A4 versions are best for social sharing!

Quizzes are very popular ways to have fun, raise money, and learn a few fascinating facts along the way. You could recruit colleagues and hold your quiz in your office at lunchtime or after work, or your local pub might have a space available.  You could have a quiz like movies or sports, and you could add a few fun games to give everyone the chance to win a small prize!  You can get lots of interesting questions and answers by visiting online trivia sites, or you could craft your own quiz based on your guests’ interests.  Music rounds are very popular and if you have access to a screen you could include video too.  Remember to include some extra games to give lots of people a chance to win something, even if it’s just a bag of sweeties.  And don’t forget a prize for last place!  Sign up teams by creating your own posters and leaflets here [http://my.alzscot.org/create-your-own/quizzes].

For more information on what you need to know to hold a successful event, visit our 8 step event plan for holding a perfectly planned event.


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